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Cape St. Claire Park Stormwater Outfall Restoration

Starting tomorrow, a contractor called PayDirt will be improving the storm water outflow near Cape St. Claire Park. Trucks and other construction vehicles will be impacting Cape St. Claire Road over the course of the next 3 months. From the County letter: “The work to be performed will consist of stabilizing and restoring the channel to meet the Chesapeake Bay and local restoration goals and ensuring its meets current codes and standards. This will serve to improve the overall functionality of the channel, lower the County’s maintenance costs, and improve the water quality treatment component of the channel which ultimately discharges to the Magothy River. Upon completion of construction, the County will continue to maintain the channel.”

Please review the PDF below for more details on the project scope.

To view the letter from the County, we have a copy of that right here.
Buffer Management Plan Calculations