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Cape St. Claire

Cape St. Claire is a covenanted community 7 miles east of Annapolis, Maryland with three marinas, multiple parks and beaches, a shopping center, Broadneck High School, Cape St. Claire Elementary School and Cape St Claire Swim Club all located right in the neighborhood.

The History:

11214104_804663539622835_5694096883948674191_nFrom Wikipedia:

“The area that was to become Cape St. Claire was mostly farmland until the 1940s. In the late 18th century, much of the land was operated as farmland by a couple of families. Two houses from this era remain—the “Stinchcomb House” located near the Cape St. Claire clubhouse, and Goshen Farm, located on a hill near the Cape St. Claire Elementary School.

In the early part of the 20th century, Hugh H. Young, a prominent doctor on the staff of Johns Hopkins University, began buying up the farmland with the intention of building a community. Dr. Young’s first attempt, a community called Persimmon Point, was less than successful, with only a few lots being sold. This failure was brought on by the Great Depression, and the project was put on hold. Upon Dr. Young’s death, his children created the River Bay Company to manage the property for development.

The River Bay Company platted the community of Cape St. Claire (incorporating the Persimmon Point property as part of the new community) on June 14, 1949. The community was envisioned and sold as a summer retreat for residents of Washington, D.C., and Baltimore. To manage the affairs of the new community, the River Bay Company created and incorporated the Cape St. Claire Club, governed by a Board of Governors. The first meeting of the Board of Governors of the Cape St. Claire Club (renamed the Cape St. Claire Improvement Association on May 12, 1959) was held on June 30, 1949. The Board consisted of three representatives of the River Bay Company named in the Cape St. Claire Club certificate of incorporation: John G. Rouse, Jr.; James C. Morton, Jr.; and George W. Baker, Jr. James C. Morton was elected Chairman.

In April 1989, the Anne Arundel County Council approved the formation of the Cape St. Claire Special Community Benefits District.[5] The SCBD allows the community to establish a taxing district. The taxes are collected by the county government (as part of the property tax), which are then turned over to the Improvement Association to administer as voted on by the property owners in the community. This special benefits district has allowed the community to purchase additional common property, build a specially-designated fishing/crabbing pier, make improvements to community assets, and hire off-duty county police for additional security.”

The convenants are administered on behalf of the community by the Cape St. Claire Improvement Association. Originally designed to be a community of summer cottages, Cape St. Claire is now home to approximately 7,800 year-round residents living in more than 2,300 single-family homes. Homes come in all shapes and sizes (from ranchers to split levels, colonials and contemporaries, all types of homes are found in the Cape), and the diversity of houses has long been a goal for the community.”

Here’s a great video on our beautiful beachfront community:

[youtube id=”TqWuvaBQSeQ” width=”100%” height=”400″]

For the full version from Arundel TV, please visit this link.

More great information to come … stay tuned!

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  • Under the section about what we have to offer (with photos) you should add the library, Grauls fields, the little beach on Little Magothy View, the marina on the Little Magothy, the community pool, etc, etc, etc

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