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Waiting and Move List Policies

The Cape St. Claire Improvement Association owns and operates three separate pier facilities for use of community residents. The Deep Creek pier at Harbor View and Gateway, the Lake Claire pier at Summit and Lake Claire Drive, and the Little Magothy pier located off Riverbay Road. In total, the community has approximately 200 usable slips.

Waiting List

Because the Cape has over 2,250 homeowners, a situation of “supply and demand” becomes apparent. A system of waiting and move lists has been developed to fairly allocate the limited number of slips we have. Basically, a “first-come, first-served” policy applies. A newcomer to the Cape, or existing resident, who has not previously requested a slip, must first complete a standard application form available at the community office. Upon completion, the information on this form is entered into the computer and the resident is placed on the waiting list in reverse chronological order. Copies of this list are always available in the community office and on this web site.

Move List
Residents who already rent a slip and for some reason desire a different one, may make this request in writing and will be placed on the move list. Reasons for a move could include purchase of a different boat, preference of a different pier location, dislike of pier neighbors, etc. People on the move list have priority over those on the waiting list.

A caution to those looking for a new boat: be sure you have a place to put it before buying your vessel. Just because a person buys a boat that no longer fits in his or her slip, does not automatically move him or her to a bigger slip. The move list governs all moves, and if you are not close to the top of the list, you may have to take your new boat elsewhere until a slip is available.

How Moves Occur
When a community slip becomes available, the pier committee goes to the appropriate list and matches the first vessel on the list which will realistically fit in that slip. For example, a Boston Whaler will not normally be assigned a slip with 5 feet draft. The wait and move lists show the dimensions of all boats so those waiting can see how many are ahead of them.

When looking at the “list” to see how long you have to wait, keep in mind that if your boat needs only 3 feet of draft, all those ahead of you with needs of more than 3 feet will be passed over when a 3 foot slip becomes available.

The piers committee (and only the piers committee) may sometimes sublet a slip when a renter will not be using it for an extended period of time (such as when the renter has sold a boat and is looking for a new one, or when boats are out for extensive repairs, etc.) In this case, a person on the waiting list can rent the currently unused slip until the original renter again needs his slip.

A complete list of all Piers rules and regulations are sent to each slip renter each year and copies are available at the office.


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