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Policy on Parties at Cape St. Claire Beaches and Parks

Effective September 1, 2007

Any resident homeowner or renter twenty-one years or older may host a party at one of the beaches or parks provided they get the permission of the CSCIA.  Permission will not be denied provided that the request is made in writing at least two weeks in advance of the party date and that date has not already been reserved, parties must be no more than five hours long in length. No Alcohol is permitted at the beaches and parks, and the standing rules and regulations apply.

Rules and Conditions:

  1. One party will be allowed per calendar day at the following locations:
  2. Each household can host no more than two parties per calendar year.
  3. No party with greater than thirty guests will be allowed. Guest are defined as non- residents.
  4. No party may begin earlier than 8 a.m. or end later than 8 p.m.
  5. No more than six (6) one-day parking passes will be issued and the time and date of the Party will be printed on each pass.
  6. Host must take responsibility for the actions of their guest. A resident host must be present at the park for the duration of the party.
  7. The beaches and parks may not be used for commercial purposes or in connection with daycare operations.
  8. Any request for an exception to the above must be submitted in writing to the Beaches and Parks committee Chair.
  9. Host must provide their own trash bags. Please clean up after yourselves and place filled trash bags in dumpster at the clubhouse, or take it with you. Please do not use the trash containers and do not leave filled bags next to trash containers. Please leave the park in a clean and neat condition.
  10. Party host and their guest must respect the right of Cape residents to use and enjoy the beaches and parks as usual. Permission to give a party at a Cape property does not imply exclusive use of that location.
  11. A party may occupy no more than three picnic tables at Main Beach and no more than one table at any other park.
  12. Must be current on yearly CSCIA maintenance fee.
  13. Party hosts are responsible for removing their own trash.

Questions about these rules can be directed to

Beach Party Application