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Sub-Lease of Community Slips

Every year a number of slip renters have reasons to not use their community slip. Extended vacations (on their boat), prolonged repairs or being “between boats” result in Cape slips being rented but unused. A “Sub-Lease” Policy is being initiated which will allow short term use of these slips until the original slip renters again need them.

The guidelines are as follows:

      a) A list of people who would like to sub-lease a slip will be kept at the community office. This list will require an annual renewal.

b) Priority as to who will be offered sub-lease slips will be:

      1. residents with current “mud slip” contracts
      2. residents on the waiting list
      3. residents not on either move or wait lists
      4. residents currently renting a slip (other than “mud”)

c) Fee payment will be on a quarterly basis, pro-rated from original slip rental — i.e., a $360 yearly fee slip will cost $90 per quarter.

d) Resident sub-leasing will agree to vacate the slip within five days of written notice that the original renter wishes to again use his slip.

This new policy is designed to maximize usage of community slips.


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