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Cape St. Claire Improvement Association

Cape St. Claire, Maryland 21409

We are a covenanted community 7 miles east of Annapolis, Maryland with three marinas, multiple parks and beaches, a shopping center, Broadneck High School, Cape St. Claire Elementary School and Cape St Claire Swim Club all located right in the neighborhood. We were founded in 1949. The convenants are administered on behalf of the community by the Cape St. Claire Improvement Association. Originally designed to be a community of summer cottages, Cape St. Claire is now home to approximately 7,800 year-round residents living in more than 2,300 single-family homes. Homes come in all shapes and sizes (from ranchers to split levels, colonials and contemporaries, all types of homes are found in the Cape), and the diversity of houses has long been a goal for the community. 

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[service icon=”fa-download” title=”CSCIA Documents” color=”orange” item_link=”” url=”” btn_name=”View” btn_style=”float”]Need Building Codes? Need to check the covenants or bylaws? Want to review past meeting minutes? Need to find out the current list of the Board of Governors? We’ve got that right here for you.[/service]
[service icon=”fa-ship” title=”Piers Information” color=”royalblue” item_link=”” url=”” btn_name=”View” btn_style=”float”]Need information about our Boat Slips? Need to check the waiting list to find your place in line? Do you need to fill out a boat slip application? We have that information right at your fingertips.[/service]
[service icon=”fa-cogs” title=”Community Services” color=”crimson” item_link=”” url=”” btn_name=”View” btn_style=”float”]Get the information you need about the services we provide. From renting the Clubhouse or beaches and parks or getting your message up on the Signboard, we have many services that will help improve your community experience.[/service]
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