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The Caper – September 2020 Edition

Larry Hogan announced yesterday that Maryland will be in Phase 3 of COVID recovery on Friday. That’s good news. Some would argue that’s too fast and others would say it’s too slow. No debate on that here. It’s nice to see us climbing out of the COVID doldrums and trying to find out sense of what normal used to be. Events around the Cape still continue to be cancelled. We hope to have something in October but perhaps that’s simply wishful thinking. Maybe we can light the Cape tree in December. Maybe Santa can come for a visit…? I’m skeptical but am hopeful.

We’ve received most of the required permits to get started on the beach project(s). Now, we have to wait for the contractor(s). Due to the project’s delays, we won’t be able to start in 2020 but we’re on target to start (and complete!) work on both projects at the same time in the spring of 2021. We absolutely cannot wait for that, It’s been a long road to get to this point. Thanks to all board members for their hard work this year and in previous years to get us to where we are today.

Bill’s Presidential message is the standard stuff from that stiff … say that 5 times fast. Ryan’s town manager message talks about the ways you can get your lawn ready for the fall. He also reminds everyone about the Quarterly meeting, scheduled for October 27th 2020. Cape Cleanup is scheduled for September 18th and 19th. This Caper has more information about that. Cape Conservation Corps is hosting their fall plant sale on Saturday September 26th from 9am until noon at the field behind the clubhouse. They will be practicing safe social distancing. The Garden Club is hosting their annual Seed and Cutting Exchange on Tuesday, October 6th, 5-6pm. They will practice social distancing, in the parking corral behind the Clubhouse.

Please don’t miss out on the tribute to Josephine Gardner. A long time Cape board member, she was a tremendous influence and hard worker for this community for so many years. She will be missed. Don’t miss the beautiful tributes by many Cape St. Claire board members and residents.

We hope you enjoy this issue of the Caper. It’s a smaller issue. Interested in making a contribution to the Caper with an article? Email We’d be happy to have you help out.




The Caper – May 2019 Edition

Hello Capers. We’re midway through Spring and what a busy few months it’s been. I’ve got the new Caper here in all its glory and it’s full of the usual goodness. Bill Szczytko, the President of CSCIA throws down a great Presidential message filled with wordy prose. He discusses the Sphinx and the University of Michigan all in the same paragraph. You shouldn’t miss it.

One thing that’s great to see is the number of new families that have come to the Cape. The Easter Egg hunt was packed this year, filled with laughter and new smiles. It’s wonderful to see.

** ALERT ** Please note that work has begun on updating the playgrounds at the main beach and deep creek. It’s been an open project since May of 2018 and it’s great to finally see it’s getting close to completion. More details here.

This Caper issue is all about the Strawberry Festival. Don’t forget to mark your calendar to this amazing event. June 1st, 2019. Parade starts at 10am from Cape St. Claire Firehouse. More details can be found on their website. This Caper has all the forms you might need to enjoy this great event.

Don’t miss the Town Manager message by Ryan Anderson. He discusses many of the goings on around the Cape and highlights some upcoming events. It’s a must read.

In upcoming events, the Cape St. Claire firehouse is having their annual Touch-A-Truck fundraiser on May 4th from 10am to 2pm at the clubhouse fields. The Garden Club is having their annual spring plant sale on Saturday May 18th from 8am to 2pm at the Cape Clubhouse field. More details on this great event are in this issue.

Stacey Wildberger has a great article in this issue about Rain Gardens and their importance. Don’t miss it.

See you around the Cape.

The Caper – March 2019 Edition

Only in Maryland can you have a winter snowstorm and then follow it up the next day with a high of 60. What are you supposed to think about the seasons? Is Winter more like wring with a light dusting of Fall? I don’t know but it’s hard to keep up.

We have lots to talk about. Not in this post, of course, but in this months’ Caper. It’s packed full of Cape goodness. The ramblings from our current CSCIA President will leave you speechless. It ain’t Beau that’s for sure.

Goshen Farm is hosting their annual Java & Jazz/Tea tunes on March 10th at 3pm at the Goshen Farm. Cape Conservation Corps is hosting their amazing world of native bees, a free event, on March 22nd at 7:00pm at the clubhouse. The Spring Craft show looks to present a host of local wares on March 30th from 10-4 at the clubhouse. The Easter Bunny is coming on Saturday April 13th at the main beach! Mark your calendars! More information on this great event is in the Caper. Looking to run it out? Also on Saturday April 13th is the Escape Through the Cape 5K/1M run hosted by the Cape St. Claire Elementary School PTO. More information is in this Caper.

Don’t forget, the Strawberry Festival organizers are in full swing for our grand celebration on June 1st. Be sure to check out for more details on that.

We’re excited to try and revamp and modernize our by-laws this year. We’re looking for flexibility for committee assigning as well as just modernizing the whole experience. We’ll have more details on that in the spring quarterly meeting on April 23rd at 7:30pm at the clubhouse.

Don’t miss Ryan, our Town Manager’s update. He reminds us that maintenance fees are due March 1st so if you haven’t paid your $10 dues, be sure to get that in to avoid the late fee.

So what are you waiting for? Get in there and read all about it! See you around the Cape!

The February 2019 – The Caper

Hello Capers. This is an unusual Caper this month. The reason? The President’s message doesn’t have Beau’s name on it… it has mine. For those that don’t know who I am, I’m Bill Szczytko and have lived in the Cape since 2009. For those that have read these monthly Caper releases, you might recognize me as the one who always posts them. I’ve been on the board for the past 5 years and now, I’m the new President of CSCIA.

My message thanks Beau for his 5 years of tireless service as President. He’s taking some much needed time off. He’s still here and on the board, so there’s no need to panic. He’ll be helping me through the transition. We should all take the time when you see him around the Cape to thank him. He deserves it.

This Caper contains the usual quality. After you skim through my Presidential message, I suggest you read Ryan, the Town Manager’s write-up. It contains all the latest updates on the happenings around the Cape. In addition, he talks about ways to remove snow and protect against frozen pipes.

Mark your calendars for the Spring Craft Show coming to the clubhouse on Saturday, March 30th. More information is inside this issue. In other community recognized organizations news, Goshen Farm is holding their Java & Jazz/Tea & Tunes event on March 10th, 2019 from 3-5pm. The garden club is celebrating their 44th anniversary and will be having a traditional potluck dinner commemorating it. CCC will be having a remarkable lecture by Sam Droege on Friday March 22nd at 7:00pm at the clubhouse. Also, don’t forget about nominating your 1st quarter habitat hero. More information is inside this Caper.

Exciting times are coming… we just have to wait until the temperature gets a little warmer and winter turns to spring. See you around the Cape!

Snow Removal – Important Information

moresnowAnother Winter Storm and more questions about how snow removal works in Anne Arundel County. That’s what this post is for, to help keep you informed.

We hope this post will help set your expectations for plowing on Main Roads vs Secondary Roads, what is considered a passable road vs pavement and length of time to expect a response once a storm finishes.

Also remember the State Highway Administration and AACO Department of Public Works/ Highways have different road assignments, sometimes starting and stopping along the same stretch. ( ie. Rt 179 or St. Margaret’s Road is a State Road as are parts of College Parkway, etc.) The intersection of CSC Rd and College Parkway is the state’s responsibility up to Walnut Ridge and then the County takes over at Woodland Circle as you enter Cape on the right.

Remember if you have sidewalks to think about your responsibility per county code in clearing them once the storm ends.

Patience and taking things slowly is always the key.

Bookmark this page for all future storms.