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The February 2016 Caper is now online!

caperFeb2016 The changing of the guard. We’d like to thank Beau for his selfless work during the course of his Presidency over the past year. We’d like to congratulate Scott for taking over the reins. He has some pretty big shoes to fill but we are sure he’ll do fine in the role he’s been in before.

In this issue, Scott’s first presidential message reminds us all of the warmer seasons to come. The blizzard of 2016 certainly laid to waste anybody’s travel plans for a few days. We love the wonders of the Cape, especially when it snows, as it brings everyone together.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Barnhart family for the passing of the Cape’s beloved Elaine. Read some thoughts from several of the Board Members on her passing.

The Easter Bunny is coming to The Cape on Saturday March 19th, 2016 at 11am. Don’t forget to sign your child up using the form in this issue. An update on dingy rack space contracts, a Goshen Farm update, and tons of pictures of the Blizzard of 2016 are all included in this stuffed issue.

Come and get it!

The December/January 2015 Caper is now online!

caper-Dec-JanWe’ve been double checking the calendar a lot. It says December 17th but judging from the people we’ve seen jogging in shorts, it’s been hard to tell. Last Saturday, we hit a high of 71 which broke the record. After a one day cold snap on Saturday, the temperatures will rebound back into the 60’s next week for Christmas.

We’ll take it. Thank you to mother nature for the early holiday gift.

This is a big edition of The Caper as it contains the ballots for the upcoming year. It’s so important that we hear from the community about the issues we present. For the upcoming year, here’s what you can expect to vote on:

  1. Voting for candidates for the Board of Governors for four openings.
  2. Budget committee has two available slots with two nominees who have decided to run.
  3. You will also be voting for $5.00 increase in the SCBD Fee as explained in the October and November Capers and at our presentation of the budget at the October General Membership Meeting.
  4. A vote on the budget for fiscal year 2017, which starts July 1st, 2016 is included.
  5. The proposed change to the by-laws to allow for electronic notification of meetings along with traditional mailing methods, this requires a majority vote of the membership to change our by-laws.

If you want to skip ahead and get right to the ballot, I have a separate downloadable copy of that right here.

Beau’s message in this issue is important so don’t miss it. This issue is jam packed with news from Goshen Farm and images and information about another successful Breakfast with Santa, which took place last weekend. The rumor was that Santa was wearing shorts. Weird. Information about Christmas worships across the Cape can also be found throughout this issue.

Don’t miss it. Download! Vote! We will see you on Tuesday, January 12th at 7:30pm at the clubhouse. Until then, have a wonderful holiday season.

Grab your copy right here!

The November Caper is now online!

thecaper_November_2015November marks the beginning of the holiday season and cooler weather and leaves. Lots and lots of them.

As a board, over the past month, we’ve been busy fixing what mother nature wants to take away. We wish it were the leaves. In this new issue of the Caper, Beau talks about the Lake Claire Recapture and Stabilization project we undertook a few weeks ago. For those that haven’t visited the beach, our shoreline took a beating from the storm at the beginning of October. Details on how it all got fixed are included in this issue.

The road construction project continues and will continue into 2016. The goal for the winter is to get a “plowable” road surface on Cape St. Claire Road. More details on the project are in this issue. The discussion on the 2017 budget took place at our Quarterly meeting, held last week. Included in this Caper, for those that missed it, are the details for the 2017 budget.

There are lots of great updates from the CSCIA recognized organizations. Harvest Bash takes place this coming Friday at the clubhouse. Tickets can be found online at Cape Conservation Corp’s website. Goshen Farm held an open house on October 10th and this issue holds some exciting images and details about that successful event.

Images from the 2015 Halloween Happenings are in here and the signup for Santa, who will be coming to the Cape on December 12th at 8:30 at the clubhouse. Check out this month’s issue right here…

See you around the Cape!

The October Caper is now online!

the_caper_october_2 at015 Some would say that the only time I create a news post on this beautiful new site is when I’m posting the new Caper. Sadly, you’d be right. Do you have important Cape St. Claire news you’d like to share that you think would benefit the community? Send it to me at and after a careful review, we’ll publish it! How cool is that?

Every year, the fall issue gets me ready to see The Great Pumpkin, scare someone, and eat candy. It just gets me in the mood. In this issue, the Presidential message talks about where we’ve been and where are headed going in 2016. It’a another must read. No spoilers here this time. Trick or Treating in the shopping center is on October 29th this year. Festivities begin at 5:30 and will end as soon as the candy runs out. Normally around 5:31 6:00 so get there early! Don’t forget to say thank you.

Halloween happenings is coming on October 26th. The Strawberry Festival committee always puts together a great fall event so don’t miss this one. The signup form is in this issue. Admission requires a non-perishable food item. The food donation will be collected at the event.

Cape Conservation Corp announces their HARVEST BASH, coming on Friday, November 6th. Details on this great event are inside. Goshen’s Fall Open House is on October 10th at 11am to 4pm. There are so many great activities for people of all ages to enjoy. Be sure to check out the details.

As always, be sure to check out the sponsor pages, they help to keep the Caper going. Happy Fall everyone. See you at the clubhouse on October 27th, 7:30pm for our quarterly meeting.

See you around the Cape.

Check out the new Caper right here.

The September Caper is now online!

the_caper_september_2015As summer winds down, it’s a good time for us to take stock and address concerns a lot of folks outside of the Cape have experienced. Beau, in his presidential message this month, talks to everyone on the Broadneck Peninsula about what CSCIA is and how we operate. He also answers many questions residents and non-residents alike might have about our rules. One such question, which comes up often, “Why do non Cape residents get a copy of the Caper?” The answers are within…

Our Board minutes show how busy of a summer it’s been. We launched a new Cape St. Claire Community Watch page, the budget was balanced, our beaches and parks have been busy and security has been non-stop, our piers are full, and great info was given out about mosquito control. We all have a role to play in keeping the mosquito population down. There’s great information in this Caper about the Tiger Mosquito that’s a must read for everyone.

Cape Conservation Corps has a new logo that you need to check out, more news from Goshen and it’s Annual Harvest Pasta Dinner on September 19th. Don’t forget Friday, October 2nd and Saturday, October 3rd is 2015 Cape Cleanup. Mark your calendars!

This issue, once again, is jam packed. To download your copy, just click those whole link right here.

Also, this is also a good time to mention the Cape St. Claire Road Improvement Project. We continue to update our website weekly with the updates from the County. Please make sure you check back often to find out the latest news.

See you around The Cape.

The July/August Caper is now online!

2015, The Caper - 07 - July-Aug_Page_01Double issues of things always signify that they’re taking a little time off. Mary works hard, we think she’s allowed. The best part about this issue though is that it is in full color. Full color issues of The Caper are awesome. We think that you’ll agree with that sentiment.

As always, The Presidential message is spot on and discusses The July 4th parade and BBQ cook off. If you didn’t get a chance to find out who the winner was, now is your opportunity. A big heartfelt thanks is given to all of the volunteers who made our rainy day event a great one. As always, don’t forget to display your CSCIA stickers on your car. We don’t like to tow people and we’re sure you don’t like to be towed.

There are full color images from the Strawberry Festival, which as mentioned before, was an outstanding event. There are updates on the Cape St. Claire road improvement project which is really gaining momentum. The Board Committee reports from the past month really highlight the dedication of the Board on improving The Cape.

There are details on entering The Cape St. Claire Calendar Photo contest so be sure to grab your best photo and enter it! There’s a great update from the Cape Conservation Corps, Garden Club, and Goshen Farms. Also, there’s a Goshen Farm wine tasting benefit, sponsored by Bella’s Liquors, coming up. Details inside!

Cape Cleanup is coming on October 2nd and 3rd so mark your calendars! More details on how Anne Arundel County is helping to clean up our community are found in this issue.

Don’t forget, the quarterly meeting is coming up. July 28th, 7:30 in the clubhouse! We hope to see you there.

Have a great rest of the summer. See you around the Cape!

View this month’s issue here.

The June Caper is now online!

the-caper-june-2015 Hot off the presses is the new June 2015 Caper. Another great issue awaits you. This month, Beau delivers another great message filling us all in on the beach pathway construction which finished Phase II. For those who haven’t seen it, go and check it out. Construction on Cape St. Claire Road is (finally) underway, expect more delays when you come and go on Cape St. Claire Road for the summer. Don’t forget about the Strawberry Festival this weekend and its new website. Be sure to check out Beau’s general housekeeping items which contain information necessary to enjoy the beaches this summer.

Information and signups for the July 4th parade and celebration on the beach is in this issue. Details about a great musical drama, put on by Christ Our Anchor Presbyterian Church, is in this Caper. The history behind Goshen Farm, and Friends of Lake Claire’s upcoming events (Oh wait! I mean Cape Conservation Corps) are here for you as well.

Get settled in and download your color copy right now!

If you haven’t checked out The Cape on the news, here’s Beau’s interview with Arundel TV:
[youtube id=”TqWuvaBQSeQ” width=”100%” height=”400″]

2015 Strawberry Festival is June 6th at 10am!

cape-st-claire-strawberry-festival-logoAfter months and months of preparation, the yearly Cape St. Claire Strawberry Festival is set to take place this Saturday June 6th at 10am! The rain date is Sunday, June 7th at 10am.

If you’ve never been to the Strawberry Festival before, we strongly encourage you to go as it’s a great chance to meet with your neighbors, enjoy the beautiful scenery, and help out the local businesses. For more detailed information on the festival, please visit the Cape St. Claire Strawberry Festival webpage.

Let’s cross our fingers and hope for sun. Here’s the forecast:
[wunderground location=”Cape St Claire, MD” numdays=”6″ layout=”table-horizontal]

Community Mosquito Spraying Program – 2015

MD-dept-agricultureWe all know the kind of nuisance a large number of mosquitoes can be to our quality of life. In addition, they can carry many diseases like West Nile encephalitis, eastern equine encephalitis and St. Louis encephalitis.

Due to the large mosquito population in the Cape, we will once again be participating in the Community Mosquito Spraying Program by the Maryland Department of Agriculture for 2015. “The Department’s preferred mosquito control strategy is the reduction of mosquito larvae numbers by source reduction, biological control agents or use of biological insecticides. Adult mosquito control, by ultra-low volume (ULV) application of insecticide, is conducted using aircraft or truck-mounted application equipment in residential areas for nuisance abatement and to protect public health from mosquito-borne disease.” ~source MDA’s website

We just received the day of the week from the MDA which tell us what day spraying will take place. The day this year is Wednesday nights between 7pm and 2:30am. The 2015 program will begin with technician training on May 27 – June 10. During the training period our community might not be sprayed.

Regular season activity will begin by June 11 and continue into September, and possibly October.

If you would like to opt out of the program, please use the MDA’s submission form located on this page. In addition to the opt-out program, that page is another great resource from the state on mosquito spraying.

For the Standard Mosquito Control Operating Procedures please review this document.

Summer is coming and we’re hoping it will be a safer one.