The May 2015 Caper is now online!

the-caper-may-2015Read it, read all about it! Hot off the presses – the newest Caper for May 2015.

In this issue is all the information you can possibly imagine about the Strawberry Festival. The reason is clear, this is the Annual Strawberry Festival edition. All the information you need is contained within. In Beau’s Presidential message, he’s asking for all the help the community can provide:

“First, the Strawberry Festival Committee needs more helping hands. This is by far the largest event in the Cape. Mary Lamb and her crew could use some help: The Festival is Sat. June 6th. She could use help on both Friday, June 5th and Saturday, June 6th in the following areas:

  1. Festival set-up and take down, individuals with strength to help put up our fences, tents, stations for the kitchen and clean up and set up the day before.
  2. The kitchen for berry cutting, prep and serve.
  3. Help throughout the day with trash, clean-up and parking

There are so many other areas where we need help. More details on what and where are inside this issue.

The Friends of Lake Claire has undergone a rebirth, find out what that means and what else they’ve been up to on page 14. Goshen Farm has a great article as well as the Garden Club which is really getting into full swing. Don’t miss this great Strawberry Edition of the Caper.

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See you around the Cape.

Quarterly Membership Meeting – April 28th 2015

megafone-893383-mIt’s that time of year fellow Cape St. Claire residents – quarterly meeting time! We’re really hoping to see you next Tuesday, April 28th 2015 at 7:30pm at the clubhouse.

We know you’ve driven up Cape St. Claire Road these days and have seen the potholes, the orange cones, the netting, the trailers, the cement pipes, and the questions. We have some of the answers for you. Kathy Sharp, the project manager, as well as others from the Department of Public Works, will be at the clubhouse to answer all of the construction questions you might have. Why hasn’t any work begun since the April 6th restart? How long is this whole thing going to take?

Then, Sara Gannon, our Constituent Services Officer for the Office of The County Executive, will be there to explain her position and how they can be a point of contact regarding things involving County Government. She has been and will be a great resource during the construction.

membershipIt’s been a busy 2015 so far with a major website and technology overhaul. We’ve been digitizing some of the old meeting minutes and Capers and shared the very first one, dating back to 1955, in February. We have some more updates for you regarding our fight back against the phragmites as well as the phase 2 update of the beach project and the new Clubhouse rain garden project.

Be there. I’ll even save you a seat.

The April 2015 Caper is now online!

the-caper-April-2015Read it, read all about it! Hot off the presses – the newest Caper for April 2015.

This is a pretty deep issue, not just because of all of the great content and great advertising sections but because of our President’s message. Do you really know what CSCIA is all about? What really is their function? What’s our point? Beau lays it all out for you and more in his great President’s message. Did you know that we’ve been digitizing old meeting minutes from as far back as the very first meeting, in 1949? Details in here.

Also, we’ve got some great photos from the Easter Egg Hunt last weekend. The kids weren’t concerned about the temperatures in the 30’s, they loved the event, despite the frozen ears some had to be dragged away. To read the new issue, just click here…

Remember, the QUARTERLY MEETING IS on APRIL 28th 2015 at 7:30 in the clubhouse. Have you ever attended a meeting before? Now is your opportunity to do so. We’d love to see you there.

Bring on Spring…

The Early Bird Sticker Campaign

IMAG0137Don’t want to wait for the post office to deliver your stickers and guest passes? Did you forget to pay your Lot Maintenance Fees? We’ve got you covered this year. For the first year ever, we’re holding an open house on Sunday, March 29th between 1pm and 3pm. If you paid your dues before March 25th, you’ll be able to swing by the clubhouse and pick up your stickers and guest passes without having to wait.

If you didn’t pay your Lot Maintenance Fees yet, that’s no problem too. You can come by the clubhouse on this one time weekend and pay the $10 plus the late fee and we’ll mail those stickers and guest passes to you later. Save a stamp AND prevent the towing fee – beautiful.

So, mark your calendars and we’ll see you on the 29th.

[map zoom=”13″ draggable=”yes” scrollwheel=”yes” width=”100%” height=”350″ latlng=”39.046746,-76.433405″ show_marker=”yes” show_info=”yes” info_width=”240″ theme=”default”]Cape St. Claire Clubhouse – March 29th 1-3pm[/map]

Help Wanted: Cape St. Claire Beach Attendants!


Cape St Claire Beach Attendant

The Improvement Association is hiring! We are in need of Beach Attendants for the upcoming summer season. If you’re interested, please fill out the contact information below:

Job Description

Beach Attendants are often the only CSCIA employees or volunteers that many residents and non-residents interact with during the year. As such, they are expected to act as ambassadors of the Association and good stewards of the community at all times.

The primary task of beach attendants is to ensure that all CSCIA beaches and parks are being used by residents of Cape St Claire and their accompanied guests only. This is typically accomplished by checking residency at the entrances to the beaches, parks and boat ramp. Beach Attendants verify that visitors to the parks have a valid Cape St Claire address by comparing the info given by the visitor to that contained in their Beach Attendant binder, Beach Attendants also verify that any vehicles being parked on CSCIA property have a current parking sticker or guest pass.

Secondary assignments include, but are not limited to:

  • Enforce all rules and policies governing the use of CSCIA properties.
  • Handling any issues with trash in the parks. This can be as simple as picking up trash or debris on the ground, or reporting larger issues to the Beaches and Parks Chairperson so that appropriate maintenance measures can be taken.
  • Patrolling the beaches, parks and parking lots to ensure that no maintenance or security issues need to be addressed by the appropriate board member.
  • Beach Attendants often serve as the first point of contact should law enforcement, fire or emergency medical personnel need to respond to a situation on or near a CSCIA property.
  • Assist with parking and pedestrian traffic control during special events such as the Strawberry Festival, Independence Day celebration, etc.

General Qualifications

Preference is given to applicants who are residents of Cape St Claire. Additionally, applicants should be CPR certified or able to obtain certification prior to their first day of work. All applicants must be 18 years of age or older with a valid driver’s license as Beach Attendants may be required to travel to and from multiple sites during their shifts.
Applicants should be able to work well with little supervision and have the ability to diplomatically resolve complex issues with visitors.

Interested in applying? Fill out the form and someone will get in touch with you.

[alert type=”alert-warning” close=”no”]All of the Beach Attendant spot are full for 2015. Thank you for your interest.[/alert]



Snow Removal – Important Information

moresnowAnother Winter Storm and more questions about how snow removal works in Anne Arundel County. That’s what this post is for, to help keep you informed.

We hope this post will help set your expectations for plowing on Main Roads vs Secondary Roads, what is considered a passable road vs pavement and length of time to expect a response once a storm finishes.

Also remember the State Highway Administration and AACO Department of Public Works/ Highways have different road assignments, sometimes starting and stopping along the same stretch. ( ie. Rt 179 or St. Margaret’s Road is a State Road as are parts of College Parkway, etc.) The intersection of CSC Rd and College Parkway is the state’s responsibility up to Walnut Ridge and then the County takes over at Woodland Circle as you enter Cape on the right.

Remember if you have sidewalks to think about your responsibility per county code in clearing them once the storm ends.

Patience and taking things slowly is always the key.

Bookmark this page for all future storms.

“NOT MY CHILD” Heroin – Town Hall Meeting


Office of Constituent Services



 HEROIN ‘Town Hall Meeting


County Executive Steven R. Schuh


Anne Arundel County Heroin Task Force

Wednesday, March 25th

Pascal Center for the Performing Arts

Anne Arundel Community College

Arnold, Maryland

6:15 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

 Will my child be tempted to experiment with drugs?

  • Are all drugs a gateway to Heroin?
  • How do I know if my child or loved one has a drug problem?
  • Learn about the warning signs, common drug use triggers, and most importantly………




 Heroin IS in your neighborhood.  It is in ALL of our communities.  AWARENESS is the first and most important step in PREVENTION.  How to avoid the most common trap into which parents fall ”NOT MY CHILD” ….and save a loved one’s life.

Join us to find out this and much more on the HEROIN health epidemic affecting all of us.

Contact Us 

Anyone needing accommodations should contact Nancy Schrum at 410-222-1527 or at least 7 days prior to the event.  TYY users, please call via Maryland Relay 7-1-1.

County Executive Announces March Town Hall Meetings



County Executive Announces March Town Hall Meetings Annapolis, MD (March 3, 2015) – County Executive Steve Schuh today announced his administration will host a series of town hall meetings in March to discuss the 2015-16 budget and other important issues facing the county.

“The citizens of Anne Arundel County deserve to be heard during our budget process,” said Schuh. “I look forward to hearing input from across the county as we put a budget together to make Anne Arundel the best place to live, work, and start a business in Maryland.”

The meetings, which will take place over a span of three weeks, will allow the citizens of Anne Arundel County to ask questions of their government. The locations and times of the meetings are as follows:

The County Executive will be joined by members of his staff, as well as key members from departments across county government. Schuh will propose his budget on May 1st.

Downloadable copy of this notice is here.

The March 2015 Caper is now online!

the-caper-march-2015Read it, read all about it! Hot off the presses – the newest Caper for March 2015.

For this month, we’re getting nostalgic as w celebrate 60 years of The Caper. We have posted a few pages from that very first Caper published in 1955. Did you know that several businesses who advertised in that issue are still around today? Check out the new Caper for details on that and other things around the cold and snowy Cape St. Claire. Is it Spring yet?

Speaking of Spring, there are details on the upcoming Visit with the Easter Bunny. Grab the signup sheet within.

We’re looking forward to a great month ahead…

Come and grab your copy here!

The February 2015 Freeze-a-thon

download_20150220_122610“Wicked cold.” That seems to be the general consensus around Cape St. Claire these last few days.


BWI shattered the record set in 1979 with a low of 1 on February 20th, 2015. Whoa. While out and about this week, we got some snapshots of the Cape St. Claire Beaches and water off the Bay. This is a great example of when a beach does NOT look inviting.

The official start to spring is less than 28 days away

More info on the cold can be found in the Capital Gazette.

Stay warm and be safe.